Friday, 24 March 2017

Spring Melancholy

Hi there, Creative Friends!
Today we meet with Karolina who is sharing her breathtaking new canvas along with some great creative tricks that you could use too while creating your own art.
Karolina's ideas are really simple ways to achieve some really spectacular effects - you should really try them out yourselves!

*   *   *   *
Hey everyone!
The Spring is already behind the window but melancholy is still sitting on my desk...
Sometimes I think my desk resembles a mysterious art garden - it's always covered with creative materials and supplies, little trinkets and pretty embellishments. I always discover something that inspires me to action: canvas, bits of lace, metal elements. I love my artistic mess. :)

Today I have for you a very delicate and subtle new canvas of mine with a sentimental melancholic vibe.
To create it, I used many products from the Art Basics line.
Did you know that all Art Basics media have adhesive properties? I love how versatile they are and how everything was carefully thought out when they were created.
So for example I used Gel Medium to glue all kinds of elements to the background - moulds, lace, cardboard, papers, Mechanicals metal flowers and numbers.
All the embellishments and the background were painted with Modeling Paste and then sprinkled with the magical Art Ingredients Art Stones.
Then I covered the whole composition with White Gesso preparing it for the colors that I wanted to use.
For that I used Art Alchemy acrylic paints and Mica Powders and created the character and the mood of my piece. I love the effect...
You will find the selection of Mica Powders, Art Alchemy Opal Magic, Sparks and Metallique paints that I used in my video tutorial and the product list below.
I used different kinds of very simple techniques to create some interesting effects - and you can use them in any work of yours:

I highlighted all the dark elements of my composition with Art Alchemy Waxes and that gave a stunning effect. You should really try this trick!

I built up colors creating a special 3D effect applying 3 paints on top of each other, separating each of them with a layer of White Gesso. The result was truly amazing!

Finally, I did some stamping in the background. That way the work became really expressive and delicately connected the composition with the background.

You should also try the combination of Glitter and Art Pebbles - I just love this effect!
Enjoy the video!

As you can see I based my composition on a triangle using contrasting elements and colours.
I hope you like my new piece and feel inspired by the techniques I used.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, I'll be happy to answer.
And as always we all hope to see your beautiful projects in our friendly Finnabair & Friends - Open Studio facebook group - see you there!


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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Patina Makeover!

Hi again!
Today I have for you a post that is a little bit different from the usual 'show&tell'. ;)
Do you know the feeling when you look at your project again and again and you are simply not convinced if 'this is it'? I'm sure you do!
Or the point when you are tired looking at an old piece of yours sitting on the shelf for too long? Does it sound familiar?
Or... maybe you are a fan of more aged, rustical finish?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, today's post is just for you! ;)
It might be a perfect moment for a dramatic project makeover!

Some time ago I actually answered 'yes' to all 3 of the questions above while looking at a small mixed media canvas of mine I had in my studio.
Here it is -
I didn't completely hate it but somehow I suddenly felt it was just too gold, too much, too boring...
I didn't want to give up on it so I decided to do some mixed media magic and give my little canvas a brand new incarnation. ;) Here it is 'after':
And now I guess you'd like to know how the patina magic happened. ;)
It's all so very simple... How to do it?
The first thing to do, is to simply cover everything with Gesso and dry it - then you can change the story completely, however you wish and feel like.
You can use any gesso you have at home but for the best results I'd go with the Clear Gesso (it's the smoothest) or the Black one if you want to use darker colors later on.

As for the patina effects that I went for - watch this video tutorial I made a while ago - you will see all the steps how to work with my Patina Pastes and how easy it is to create some pretty spectacular effects! Enjoy!

I was really excited seeing how this makover turned out and felt tempted to do more! So I grabbed one of my old altered journals and used exactly the same method.
Here is the journal in its 'before' version - not that bad, right?
But just take a look at all the rustical magic that happened - suddenly the same journal seems to be a time-worn, forgotten treasure discovered anew!

Here are the products I used for my "Makeover" projects - not much, but what a difference! All linked to our Mixed Media Place shop!

Sending you all the warmest hugs...and packing to leave tomorrow for another US art adventure! Woo hoo!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Mysterious Beauty

Hello on Monday, Dear Readers!
You will absolutely love Marta's new layout - simple elegance is certainly Marta's forte.
She also did a fantastic job creating various effects with my Sparks and presenting different possible uses of these paints. I'm sure you'll feel inspired! Enjoy...

*  *  *  *
Hello friends!
It's Marta here and I have a brand new project for you today!
I prepared a scrapbooking layout using some cool ephemera.
I was inspired by a picture of this mysterious and beautiful lady from Vintage Collectibles Ephemera pack.
I used some metal and fabric embellishments to add a vintage touch to my layout.
I used the amazing Alterable Fabric Flowers - they are just perfect to alter and add a unique, personalized touch to any piece. You can add any color you want - I used Sparks Acrylic Paints to add some shine and color.
This time my background is very delicate - I stamped some circles patterns with the round stamps from 'Don't Forget To Fly' set, later I added some color - again with the Sparks paints.

I used 3 checkered supplies to create some harmony: a stamp & a stencil & resist canvas too. :) I really like the pattern and I wanted to repeat it here and there. I used Sparks acrylics again, this time to stamp.
The same paints were also perfect to create some delicate splashes. It's amazing how verstile they are!
You can simply paint with them, but also stamp, use like watercolors and spray or splash to create pretty stains.
I love their incredible shine and I love using them as often as I can!
I also love the new Metallique Waxes - the way they look on plain metal embellishments is just gorgeous!
You don't even have to cover them with gesso first, simply add some wax on the metal surface and there you go, a brass element turns gold! Isn't it cool?
I've created a video tutorial for you so you can watch how I prepared my background & how I paint the flowers to add just a delicate hint of color. I hope you will like it!

Vintage pictures like this one always inspire me to create light, airy projects full of layers.

Not by accident my works often contain old, mysterious pictures with people who seem to be "out of this world".

I often feel inspired to add to my projects different hidden meanings and some of my secrets. I like to hide them in between laces, dragonfly's wings, clocks and delicate stamping...

Have a creative week!

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